Zabbix definitions

So we started with Zabbix. But what do all those terms mean? what is an application, for example? and how to think about a “trigger”?   Well although Zabbix is using quite some terms, it isn’t that hard! Here we go: Host               || Any network attached device having … More Zabbix definitions

Why do we need Zabbix? (or monitoring in general)

Yea, why? We have this brand new infrastructure, build rock solid, state of the art technology. What could go wrong? Well imagine you’re the sysadmin that is leaving on Friday afternoon for the weekend, and everything is fine. On Monday before you can even park your car, your boss is already approaching you and he … More Why do we need Zabbix? (or monitoring in general)

History of Zabbix

In 1998 Alexei was working at a Latvian bank as system engineer, when he wanted to monitor devices. Since there was no good solution, he started building some scripts so that he was able to monitor what he wanted. This was somewhat the start of Zabbix. After that, it took a while of improvement but … More History of Zabbix